The Guyana Economic Development Trust, an independent philanthropic organization, incubates and supports projects that develop the workforce and boost the private sector of Guyana. Today, Guyana is on the verge of an economic revolution that will forever change the country.  The Guyana Economic Development Trust offers its supporters U.S. tax deductibility on contributions, the ability to help equip Guyanese with the skills of the future, and the opportunity to play a role in the progression of the nation.

Workforce Development

Preparing youth with 21st-Century skills for the future

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Enterprise Development

Championing the growth of startup and small businesses

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Innovation PRIZE

Supporting early stage tech and agro-processing businesses

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Guyana Public Department Of Information


Go-Invest anticipates creating some 5,725 jobs in 2018. Some 5,725 jobs are expected to be created this year through the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest) as the agency anticipates investment totaling $154 B.

Guyana Public Department Of Information

Long term cooperation between Guyana and India

Guyana is very interested in India's renewable energy capabilities, says High Commissioner of Guyana to India. The visit of Vice President of Guyana to India is a very important moment in the re-calibrations of Relations between India and Guyana.

Kaieteur News

Forthcoming US$120M shore base facility a prime example of making local content work – Oil and Gas Export

Oil and Gas Advisor, Anthony Paul believes that the forthcoming US$120M shore base facility by entrepreneur Terry Singh is a prime example of how to make local content work.

Guyana Public Department Of Information

‘Swift Shipping’ growing into major revenue earner for GPOC

Persons living throughout Guyana are already benefiting from the Guyana Post Office Corporation’s (GPOC) new online shopping mailbox service. Swift Shipping Online Mailbox Service was launched just over a year ago in collaboration with Kardel Enterprises located in Miami, Florida – the warehouse service provider.


Guyana Chronicle

Pomeroon agro-processor seeks bigger market for local products

A father of six from the Kabakaburi Amerindian community in Upper Pomeroon in Region Two said that he takes pride in selling his locally made cassareep and honey.  Denis Campbel, however, said that he hopes to find a larger market for his products so that his business can be more productive and prosperous.

Stabroek News

‘UG Business Professor wants more commercial bank backing for business startups.

Visiting Professor at the School of Enterprise and Business Innovation (SEBI) at the University of Guyana Dr. Leyland Lucas is advocating more robust support from the commercial banking sector for startup business ventures “in their greatest time of need” as one of the building blocks for the creation of an “entrepreneurial ecosystem” in Guyana.